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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by MinxFox, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Pensacola, FL
    I wasn't too sure about my mom thinking that I could keep all my peafowl together without problems. Now I have all 10 in the same pen. It is going pretty well. The whites are the ones picked on the most. Ice likes to run them off of food. Food time is when she gets a bit hostile and likes to jump at and chase off the whites. Other then when they get their food after Ice gets some food she chills out and as long as the whites stay out of her way she is fine. Peep doesn't get picked on much. I think he knows how to stay out of trouble. I saw him pecking one of Ice's chicks. That was good because Ice's little peahens have been very bossy to the older peachicks and they need to be put in their place. Peep normally isn't one for pecking at others but he finally did. He likes to follow me around when I water the plants. I definitely think the three whites I got for free are spaldings. They are looking fairly tall, slim, yellow faced, and they have tight crests. I wasn't sure if I wanted spaldings, but any peafowl is fine with me, especially since they were free and they eat out of my hand now.

    As for roosting, the first night I watched to see what would happen. Peep tried to roost near Damsel and she kicked him off the roost. The whites just stood there and it got darker and darker and none of them made an attempt to fly up. Finally when I got sooo bored I saw one white fly up near Damsel. She probably kicked it off but I just left. Sometimes Peafowl just take forever to get in the right spot to roost. My peafowl seem so particular about who roosts near them.

    I let Peep out to free-range a little over the weekend. I decided to take him to the front of the big hedge that separates the pool in the back of the house from the peafowl pen. Peep looked over the edge of the pool and then freaked out and was honking. The peafowl back in the pen started calling to him so I led him back to the pen and he calmed down. The next day I let him out and took him further away from the pen to the side of the house where I was finishing up on digging a big hole for a kumquat tree. I kept my eye on Peep as I dug but he stayed within a few feet of me. Sometimes he would jump in the hole and peck at the sand and scratch. It was like he was helping me dig but I just think he was looking for something good to eat! Sometimes he would look up at the sky and I would look around for the hawk. We have several hawks that patrol the area and even though Peep is big now I still made sure when he was looking into the sky that I was standing next to him just in case. Then when he was looking up at the sky he fell right into the hole. I though that was funny because it kinda startled him. When my dad drove up and got out to get the paper Peep ran up to him and was following him around. I told my dad I would be afraid that if we free-ranged Peep he would follow us even when we drove away.

    So that is what has been going on! I am really looking forward to this year's breeding season. I keep saying "Next year I will sell the peachicks I get" but this year I might keep some to free-range. I will have to sell some eventually since I will need new blood.
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    Jul 2, 2011
    Hi Alea,
    Had you bought your green peachicks ???

    It's springtime in Florida...Brown pelicans are at breeding colonly & carrying nesting twigs...Tiger swallowtail butterflies are hatching from pupaes.

    Don't forget to buy 3 IB peahens for your peacock Alto...he is in mating season.

    I been busy during austral summertime and autumntime in New Zealand, hunting for butterflies and budgerigars for my avairy, and resently I harvested a 16 kg bunch of bananas.
    I had not been drawing & making illustations of peafowls for backyardchicken season yet until end of butterfly season (April or May).

    On 24th March 2012 I had been at peacock breeder's place and the man (breeder) caught the 3-year-old IB peacock, which had yet to shed its 263mm old primary 10th (outer orange primary flight feathers) on 25th march. A 331mm primary feather 9th and a freshly shed other 263mm primary 10th were found.
    The peacock had new 3rd adult plumage, with short growing 1st adult train feathers and central tail feathers were in pins. Primary 10th will be fully grown on 12th June, take 80 days to regrow.
    Last year the peacock wore a 2nd year plumage, with 6 eyes on plain green train.
    Peacock's wife-a IB peahen had 4 peachicks hatched on 8 & 9th January 2012.
    Peachicks had half-grown primary 1st and 1/3 grown primary 2nd, while juvenile primaries 3rd to 10th remaining, and a moulted 106mm juvenile secondary feather 4th were found by me. Moult of peahen were not studied as I did not caught the peahen as she had 4 chicks to care for.

    At my friend's farm, the immature male bronze turkey had started to moult its innermost immature primary 1st on 19th October 2011, and outermost 1st adult primary 10th were fully grown on 27th March 2012, took 160 days of complete post immature moult, which start on springtime and complete on autumntime.

    Adult male turkeys take 180 days to renew all flight feathers.

    I had corrected the wing moult duration of adult IB peacocks, from 370 days, to 300 days. But I will re-correct again once I get more informations on moults of peafowls.

    Had you have good wintertime and early springtime caring for your peafowls ???


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    Sep 16, 2010
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    Nope I don't even have a new pen for more birds yet. My dad keeps telling me he will help me make a pen eventually but he keeps on having something else getting in the way.

    The white peachicks I got for free turned out to be spaldings, so I don't know if I want to keep them or what. I wasn't really planning on breeding white spaldings but they are nice birds. All of the peafowl are doing well today we will probably get some greens to feed them. All the chicks are looking big. Rocking BAB Ranch is a local big peafowl breeder and I noticed they updated their price list for this year...They have pairs of imported greens of all three subspecies and for the price list for 2012 hatch birds greens that are around 3-6 months old will be $900 each...That is very high for me but since they have green peafowl from American stock listed as only being $250 each I am guessing that the reason for the large price difference is the high quality of the peachicks from the imported birds. Well I might just make a trip out there to see the peafowl they have and get some ideas for my setup.

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