everyone warned me about roosters . . .

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    My cockerels were hatched in March. We got straight run chicks and ended up with 7 cockerels. At first we considered giving them away or eating them but "chickened out". They are all beautiful and different colors and patterns, sizes, etc. We have a farm with llamas and goats and the roosters just free-range at this point. So far, no losses to predators and they have been an enjoyable addition to our farm.

    I've had numerous people warn me that our roosters were going to "get mean". I have been dilligent to make sure they know who's the boss. Last week, our head roo Milford, "accidentally" ran into my daughter (who is 5). I chased him around and picked him up just to be on the safe side. Well today, while she was throwing cracked corn, he went after her 3 times with his feet! I chased him around and then made her chase him several times. He flared his neck feathers up at her but a little kick with her rubber shoe and he backed off. I don't want him to hurt her. He is a beautiful Delaware. I hope that once he gets the idea that she is the boss, he will stop his crazy behavior. Just two days ago they were "playing" side by side.


    Is there any chance he will mellow with age? Will he get over his napoleon complex and understand that humans are not to be messed with? BTW these roosters do not have any girls. I have all the pullets in a coop/run with one little rooster, so the girls don't get picked on.
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    I wouldn't trust him, especially around a young child. Her eyes are too pretty and important to trust him. Either keep the roo where he can't get to the child or cull him. Just MHO.
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    They might grow out of it but I wouldn't take any chances having a child around. I say time for the extra roosters to go.
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    chicken and dumplings!

    that's my vote... so many "good" roosters get eaten, i don't see why a rotten one should get to stay\\

    you do have beautiful birds though.. and an adorable little girl!
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    The only time to talk about a bad rooster is after you kill him, ESPECIALLY when you have small children.
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    Do not leave the child with the rooster unattended. - Honestly its not worth the risk. I have three Roosters and the Maran Roo boy decided to bite my hand tonight Well I cought him and he got a wollop on the beak and then I grabed his tail and held him upside down until he quietend. He didn;t try it again. I have a Maran hen who did the same thing. She mellowed and is a lovely girl "head girl" now but she didn;t half give the Roo I put in with her a pasting and he was quite a big boy. So these can be very very vicious when they want to be. Seriously you don;t want your kid caught up in that. If your Roosters were vicious dogs would you encourage your kid to play with them????
    Just cause these guys have feathers they are no less dangerious. Please listen to advice!!!!!!! PROTECT YOUR CHILD FIRST!!!!! They don;t cock fight cause they are like cute little puppy dogs you know! They will fight to the death and are extremely vicious when they get going - like a feathered pit bull - DON:T TAKE THE RISK WITH YOUR LOVELY CHILD!!!

    Oesdog - find the Roos new homes - put one with the girls. Depending on how many girls you have. I roo x 10 hens. Depending on the Rooster.
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    what breed of chicken is the 3rd rooster in the background and the 2nd one. i really like those 2
  8. Illia

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    Quote:Black Sex Link on the left, Production Red on the right.

    I'd say, if he's actually displaying aggression, cull him. (Either sell or eat him) Because although you can work with it and show him who's boss, it is dangerous to do that AND have a kid so young around him. Especially one who is too young understand being the alpha animal.
  9. can you hear me now?

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    Yeah I agree. If it is getting aggressive I would protect my kid first and foremost. Roosters are nasty customers around younger children.
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    I agree with everyone on small child &roosters not mixing. He can very easily kick jump high enough to spur her in the face which would be aweful. Please take the advise to butch or sell if you do not have away to pen him up to where your daughter cannot get to him unattended.

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