Everyone with GQF Cabinet Incubators w/Digital Thermostats

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    I replaced my Roller switch(it had been needing it for a while, but now I need a 2nd incubator up and running so I had to get it fixed up and gave it a good cleaning). I was checking my temp and it is a little high. I have two thermometers I am checking, one is temp/humidity(cheap- can be off up 2 degrees) and a glass thermometer I borrowed from my Roll-X(very accurate). Last night I had it on #3 on digital thermostat, I moved it to # 2 and it is still 101, just recently moved it to 1..odd It is still in the same room it has been in for the last 4 years so environment hasn't changed.
    I just wondering what number(1-7) everyone else has their digi-stat set to ?
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    I think mine is set on 4. You have to be aware of where you set your thermometer in the GQF; it has hot and cold spots.

    The best way is to move it to where the eggs would be. The top shelf where the humidity tray sets is usually warmer than the rest of it.

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