Everyone's talking about commercial egg layers' living conditions...

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    Apr 28, 2009
  2. Well, what a rude comment.

    Mine seem pretty darn smart. They've figured out that the dogs can't get through to them, so they just ignore them. Meanwhile the dogs are running around yapping at them like they just dropped from the sky.

    Who's the smart one?

    But I don't think it'll do battery hens any wrong by folks talking about this. Worst case, things stay the same... best case conditions improve.
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    Feb 15, 2007
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    The comment that got me is that the industry standard is 67 inches per bird. That is less than 8 X 9 inches; all my birds are bigger than that. I can't imagine that anyone who has actually seen a chicken would think that this is enough space. Much less that the entire egg raising community things that it is enough.
  4. Anyone have an actual average of, say leghorn, wingspan, beak to tail length and height?

    So we can figure exactly what percentage of each they're actually getting...
    If the bird is 18" tall (stretching) and 18" long and 24" wide (wings extended) and the cage is 8"x9"x12" then you can figure that the bird is in a space that's 44% it's height, 50% it's length, and 50% it's width.

    And then, apply it to people. I'm 5'6"... 'length' from tip of nose to tailbone... uhh... let's see, my pant legs I usually buy a 32" so 66"-32=34" of torso/head? Arms (width) tip to tip are same as height... Let's go with that... 66"x34"x66".

    Now, let's imagine if I was put in a cell that was the same 44%x50%x50% of my size as these chickies are...

    30.36" Tall x 17" Long x 33" Wide

    Even convicted felons... murderers... pedophiles... the scummiest predators of our kind are guaranteed a minimum amount of elbow room. They contribute nothing to society... much less provide food that enters our bodies and needs to be clean... and yet they are guaranteed these things as their right, and to keep them healthy.

    I think if more people did that math, maybe it'd open their eyes a little.

    Better yet... build the cage and see how long the commercial farm owners can stand being in it...

    If you honestly believe that your animals are healthy and happy in that size pen... well then... I triple dog dare ya to do it yourself.

    I doubt they'd last an hour... n'mind 24... seven... 365... for their entire lives.
  5. HarlansHollowFarms

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Seems to me if there was not a demand for these battery hen eggs, these operations would go out of business. Until people are unwilling to buy, we will always have mass produced eggs.
    I am also thinking, that until we can show these mass producers a viable alternative that will allow them to continue to produce enough to feed a growing population, with minimal cost, we are beating a dead horse.
  6. True True... but unless people are shown what's going on... ignorance is bliss... so trying to spread the word... and then letting the free market system work... supply and demand... is a good thing.

    Alternatives... well there are alternatives... look at all our coops... it boils down to each person/business's definition of affordable. For me our coop was worth the money... but for a business spending that much to house four hens would not be. If their customers demand larger, cleaner cages for their food source they'll have to comply... but I don't think anything short of a direct strike to their profit margin is going to make them even think about trying. So, back to 1...
  7. BC Gal

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    Aug 8, 2010
    Though it is good to hear small improvements are being made, if people really knew about chickens they would probably demand even better. I wonder how much is ignorance, especially after reading that last statement made by J.S. West President Eric Benson, "It's very difficult to underestimate the intelligence of a chicken."

    My very first chicken experience in life was putting a nickel in a machine and playing tic tac toe with a chicken at the fair (the chickens never lost to anyone). The first chicken I owned was found frozen to the road after it fell off a truck; she was extremely intelligent and laid triple yolkers to boot!

    Maybe Mr.Benson should have to raise a chicken so he can understand that fear is not lack of intelligence.
  8. HarlansHollowFarms

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Quote:I have met a few people that have seen the deplorable conditions of the animals that are used to feed the masses, andd alot of them do not care...it all comes down to the bottom dollar for many. I't is unfortunate, but the truth.
    Must of the people on BYC do not care about the cost, they care about the animals, truely comendable. But posting these things here is not getting the word out to the masses, editorials to newspapers, getting your local news to do a feature...now by doing these types of things may help to get the word out. You do not have to tell me about the horrible conditions, I already know and have chosen to raise my own.....lets think of ways to get the word out to those who do not know.
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    May 11, 2009
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    You know what I find encouraging. We have had our farm out here since I was 6. In 28 years I have only seen 2 places with chickens on our way here. Now I swear it seems like there is a coop popping up in backyard all over. There are probably close to 50 houses near us with coops now. Every single one of those is no longer creating demand for eggs raised in those conditions.
  10. Already posted about my FIL asking for eggs... said after having ours store bought is just not good enough.

    So, sharing the wealth can help... folks might ignore what's happening to 'yucky chickens' "no feelings (compared to warm fuzzy dogs/cats) chickens" ... certainly the In Laws thought I was nuts for getting ours... even with the data I mentioned... but after tasting... well that was harder for them to ignore... I think I might, might, just be able to talk them into keeping 2... more than enough for the two of them...

    Now my mom... she's still thinking I'm insane... but then, she hasn't had any yet... we just don't see her much (her busy schedule and she lives 30mins away, on a 100+ day that's a LONG drive with no A/C for us) but I think she'll be my next 'target'...

    I doubt my SIL is possible... her and her hubby are kind of... prissy when it comes to mess... and their yard... appearances in general... and they live in a fairly snooty subdivision... which I think has an HOA (not sure) so I don't know if it'd even be possible... even if they did want them... and, no way to hide them in their yard as it backs up to a greenbelt that everyone walks and they've got one of those iron bar (totally see through) kind of fences... but... I don't hesitate to talk when we see them (again, rare since they live far off/busy)... hehe... SIL was quite upset when I told her that the "baby chicken" she'd been removing for YEARS was really the Chalaza... *snicker* boy her face was priceless.

    But yeah... if price won't do it... animal cruelty won't tweak the conscience... then maybe just a better product might... worth a go anyways.

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