Everything is out of Wack Today!!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Jun 4, 2010.

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    My goodness!! Everything is just all crazy today and tonight!! This morning i woke up to a call form my baby sister crying, in severe pain. We ended up taking her to the hospital and found out she had a Kidney Stone, thankfully it wasnt Appendicitis liek we were suspecting (runs in the family). We were in the Hospital all day with her waiting to get her into a room so she could stay until it passed and i didn't get home until abotu 20 minutes ago.

    i checked all the ducklings and fed them all, they were fine. Momma cat apparently thinks she takes up more space than she really does and she missed the litter box( [​IMG] )..yuck, cleaned that up.

    I finally got to the eggs to check my 2 pipping Muscovy eggs and to wet the towels again and GUESS WHAT?!!? My Mule eggs are all hatching!!! in the turner!!! What The Heck!!! It's only Day24 and their temps/humidity have been good the whole time, these things are just crazy!!

    I rushed them to the hatcher/bator and bumpped the humidity(even tho some were 1/2 out). It looks like I may have lost a few but these things hatched like a whole week early...I knew they were Mutants when they survived the 104F spike.... [​IMG]
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    you will have to post pictures of your mutants once they hatch! lol
  3. oooooooo! Pic's are definitly needed ! Congrats on the new ducklings. [​IMG] Glad your sister is O.K. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Mutants... pics pics pics
  5. Bleenie

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    2 of them just popped out and are all over the place, i think i might have to move them to a different incubator so they dont scramble the others, lol. They're both pretty dark but i will get pics when they dry out. My Muscovies have been hatching for 2 days now and these guys shot out overnight, lol.

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