eww; poopy egg

whatsup chickenbutt

11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
What should i do if i have an exceptionally poop-covered egg?

Is my only option to wash it and use it right away? Also, if i do wash them, which i dont wash the clean ones, how long can i keep it in the fridge?
let me clarify, so as not to be known as the poster who eats poopy eggs,
Its not like globs of poo or anyting, its just that a bunch of my girls will sit in their nest all night, and then invariably somebody lays an egg early in the morning, and sometimes it might be touching it. by the time i get to it, its dried, and wont just wipe off. So you think I should throw those out?
OH NO! Those kinds of eggs I'll keep. Sometimes they come out with poop smeared all over it and its REALLY dirty. Those are the ones I thought you were talking about... A small speck, or itty bitty tee tiny bit, I dont worry about....

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