EWWW...oh....I Mean.....AWWW pics added


12 Years
Mar 12, 2007
Alfordsville, IN
I have a baby finch! Hatched this AM! I looked in there (shoulda been 5 eggs but I didn't think they were due to hatch til Saturday) and only saw 4 eggs and something moldy.

The moldy thing was a chick HAHAHA.

It's a little bigger than a pencil eraser, pink, and has a fuzzy grey mohawk (hence the mold, um, confusion). It's blind and when you tap around the nest it gapes open it's tiny beak and flops its pink tongue with a black spot on the end around.

I can't get a decent picture.
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Is there anyway to get a pic
Okay got some photos...

Here's baby. I marked one photo so you can sorta tell what is what in there.



The rents are standard grey zebras. One of the boys from this clutch will join my pied zebra hen when he's fledged and ready. The rest will be for sale.

Oh congrats! I love baby finches! They're adorable!

I've got 5 zebras..started with 4 a couple of years ago, ended up with 12 total (hmmmm-wonder how that happened!) Now I'm down to 5...gave a few away and a few have passed on.

I hope your other eggs hatch some healthy babies!
I love when they have just been fed and you can see the food in their neck!! Its so cool,lol. The parents are so beautiful. I love the sound finches make. Good Luck with the rest!
How neat! I've always wanted a few finches, but I am especially partial to the fancy ones like gouldians! The lady I worked for used to have a whole cage of fancy finches! Blues one, purple ones, green ones! I always wanted them to breed, as they were all in pairs, but she never put nests in for them. They have such nice songs!

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