1. I have a blue hen who is the mother of the pullet I had to put down due to wry neck. She had been fine, but recently has lost a lot of weight and has been really listless. I checked her for mites, made sure she didn't have any respiratory infections, and everything else that you can think of. But then I noticed her poop was runny, diarreah type runny. So I thought and thought and finally thought worms. Its been quite a while since I wormed, and I rarely think about it, because its something that I dont do everyday. So I put some Wazine in EVERYONES water this morning, and this is what came out of the hen this afternoon.



    Now she has a healthy appetite is constantly has her head in the feed, and I mean constantly, and she is also drinking very well.

    My question is what can I do to help her recover faster and put the weight back on? I've never used Red Cell, but is it recommended? What else would help her get back to a healthy weight soon?

    I feel like such a bad chicken owner. I just dont ever think about worming.
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  2. lisahaschickens

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    Wow! Great pics (gross though). Good luck! I am new to chickens and don't have worming advice but I love learning from posts like this!
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    Yucky. I just wormed mine today because I happened to see a worm in somebody's poo. I wormed them in the fall but I guess it was time to reworm. I think maybe they got reinfested somehow by the nasty wormy goat I got for free as they like to fly over into the pen and share the grain she spills. I'd never heard of Redcell for chickens only used it on the University horses and once when my mare was in hard training for a long trail ride. I would just feed them good and they should be fine.

    P.S. The goat has been wormed and is doing great now [​IMG]
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    Don't feel bad, I only worm when I have a problem because I hate treating them with pesticides. You caught it before it caused any real harm too! Increase the protein and try to find a feed that has animals fats in it. Swanson makes a great feed that I feed all the time. It's one of the cheaper feeds but it's really wonderful. Keeps my finicky Moderns nice and plump. Not sure if they sell it in your area though.
  5. She is eating 20% Purina Gamebird Layena... I'll boil her some eggs tomorrow.

    Also, how long should I treat her with the Wazine. Should I mix a new batch in all the birds water tomorrow? Is it like Sulment where you treat for 3 days?
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    Oh gross! Good pics though...
  7. Quote:I'm not a medicine person myself, so I dont like to heavily medicate my birds unless its necessary. I'll sleep off a headache as opposed to taking a tylenol.

    But I think I am going to start hand mixing my feed and using garlic powder in the mix as a natural wormer.
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    [​IMG] Wow aren't they GROSS!!! She'll be much happier now [​IMG]
  9. coffeelady3

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    So, my question is, after worming how long does it take before you can eat the eggs???
  10. NancyDz

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    So how big are those? Great pic but have no idea of the size , does it just come out like that? That is gross....... [​IMG]

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