Ex Battery Chicken with Black smelly Vent after prolapse. Desperate for advice!!!


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
My ex battery hen has been living happily with us for 3 weeks then on Sunday I went to check on them and found she was pushed into a corner, with the hen ladder on her back and being pecked by the 3 other ex bats - she was bleeding and had what we think was a bad prolapse. We brought her inside and cleaned her up and attempted to put prolapse back in which didn't work, however, the following morning it seems to have gone back itself. I rang helpline and they suggested to bathe her with antiseptic wash which I did last night. Just above her vent and vent area it is black and smells awful. I think it's infected so I'm thinking of bathing her again to see if it helps. She seems fine in herself and eating and drinking well. I tried to put her back with the others last night but they began pecking her bum but it's not red it's black and perhaps the smell was what made them peck. I don't know really but if anyone has any advice please can you let me know!!

She needs to be separated from the others. They will peck her and the prolapse area and she could bleed to death. I only had to witness one time what other hens will do to another when there is a prolaspe. It was so horrible I won't explain. Wash her again and see if there is any viable tissue. Healthy and pickish color. I'm wondering if the black is poop.

If the tissue is black and smelly my opinion is to put her down.

Try the bath and see what happens.
I gave in and went to the vet and vet said she had been badly bullied and the injury is something to do with her anus rather than a prolapse, and that it occured by being pecked (A LOT) by the others - she checked her out and it felt normal and no blood inside so gave her a shot of antib and she'd now on a 5 day course. She even laid an egg this morning and seems in great spirits but looks like we have a lounge chicken until she's all healed but looks like she will be fine and back to normal in a week or so - so pleased we have saved her and not put her down - I've only had chickens for 3 weeks so it's all a big leaning curve but really love having my girls!
Glad she will be OK! Reintroducing her to the group is going to be difficult. You just can't put her back and everything will be OK. Read up on reintroduction procedures. She's going to be spoiled.

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