Ex battery hens with green poop!


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Oct 7, 2010
Hi all

i have recently adopted 6 ex battery hens, i already had 3 other hens. They seem to be getting on fine and growing healthier and stronger everyday. I noticed today that a few of there droppings have been green!

Is this a symptom of an infection? Or just simply just due to change of environment and changes in their diet?

Many thanks
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To be absolutely sure what you are dealing with, I would start with taking a fecal sample to a vet and have them do a fecal float. Be sure to mention that you might be suspicious of coccidia. If they are clear of any worms or coccidia, try putting Apple cider vinegar in their drinking water. Use a plastic waterer, not metal. 2 Tbls per gallon for a few days. Good luck.
thank you for your reply.

I did look at Coccidiosis but to be honest i did rule it out as they dont have any othe symptom for it apart from pale comb and faces which is to be expected from ex battery hens. I will try the apple cider vinegar though and thank you for your advice
You know, if I were forced to pick colors for my healthy chickens' poop, a dark olive green would be near the top of the list. THere are some poop pics around here somewhere, maybe someone knows where the link is and can post it. Your girls may be perfectly fine!
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Here's the link to the "poo page." Hopefully that will give you an idea of what you are seeing. There is a huge range of normal, so as long as they seem to be doing well I wouldn't worry too much just yet. It's very likely from the move and change in diet. Good job on the rescue!!


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Green is normally a sign if too much bile making through their system. As long they seem healthy I would bet that it is a change in food and environment. I would give them a week or 2 for their systems to adapt. In the meantime, just keep an eye on their behavior and the fecal to a vet would be a good cautionary idea.

Thank you all for your comments. I looked at the "poop page" and the poop is in the normal section

Its made me feel so much better.

Thanks all ever so much xxx

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