Ex broody mumma is so mean to her ex-babies!!


Jan 25, 2017
South Australia
So we're having a bit of a nasty storm here at the moment, wind, rain and cold and it's been most of the day and night. I just had a thought at about 9pm to make sure all my babies were tucked up in bed. And I'm so glad I went, my 3 eight week old Silkies were sheltering under the coop, ringing wet and shivering! And their ex-mum was roosting by the door to the coop I'm guessing to peck them whenever they came close to trying to go to bed!! She is seriously so mean to them! Every night she waits outside till almost dark just to stop them going to bed.

What can I do about her? Or do I just leave them to figure out their own place in the flock? I know the answer really. And the mumma is at the bottom of the pecking order, I assume that's why she is so super mean, that she doesn't want to be relegated further?

Well 2 of those Silkies are boys, so they may possibly kick her butt in a few months, but I think she will always be bigger than them as she is a Plymouth Rock.

My son was so cross with her tonight, he was all out for rehoming her!!

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