Exactly what are each sex-link's parents?

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    This topic has sort of taken over a couple other topics unintendedly, yet I still hear a lot of disparity on the answer.

    The question is: What are the Rooster & Hen for each of the sex links?

    This is what I always thought: Any other sex links? or different variations on the ones I listed? Are these even right?

    Red Star: RIR or NH Rooster + Delaware hen.
    Black Star: RIR or NH Rooster + Barred Rock hen.
    Golden Comet: NH Rooster + White Rock hen.
    Cherry Egger: NH Rooster + RIR hen
    Production Red: RIR Rooster + NH hen.
    ISA Brown: RIR Rooster + RIW hen.
    Cinnamon Queen: NH rooster + Silver laced Wyandotte hen.
    Indian River: Delaware Rooster + NH Red hen

    California White: California Gray Rooster + White Leghorn hen.
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    These are the basic ones I learned when I was researching the various sex-linked crosses for a breed page on Stars. (they are listed male x female)

    Black Star/Black Sex Link:
    New Hampshire Red X Barred Rock
    Rhode Island Red X Barred Rock
    Red Star/Red Sex Link:
    RIR X Delware.
    RIR X White Leghorn
    RIR X Rhode Island White
    Production Red X Delaware
    Cinnamon Queen:
    New Hampshire Red X Silver Laced Whyandotte
    Golden Comet/ Gold Sex linked:
    New Hampshire Red X White Rock
    RIR X Rhode Island White
    Gingernut Ranger (found in the U.K.):
    RIR X Light Sussex.
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    The chicks I bought were called Bovan. Looking on the internet they seem to be gold sexlinks (or so I was told). What were their parents?
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    I mixed a barred rock hen with a black jersey giant rooster and go black sex links..
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    Quote:These two crosses would not give sexlink chicks. They represent red males x red females. The resut would be all red chicks in both sexes.

    Quote:Great post. Didn't realize I'd missed it.
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    Quote:These two crosses would not give sexlink chicks. They represent red males x red females. The resut would be all red chicks in both sexes.

    Quote:Great post. Didn't realize I'd missed it.

    Production red is not a breed its a hatchery produced brown egg layer that could be from either of the crosses mentioned or may even be something else crossed with a RIR or NH, theyre just a made up name for an industrial layer just the same as the sex links.

    Also the Delaware roo X NH hen is not a sex link either, both male and female chicks will be the same color when hatched and when feathered out will look Columbian patterned with red(rust)or brassines bleeding through the white.

    Red roos (RIR or NH) X White Rock or RIWhite hen = Gold sex-links(Golden Comets, ISA Browns, Red Stars, Golden Buffs, the Bovan strain mentioned earlier,Ect...) all the females of these crosses are Gold buff to light red(chestnut) with white in the neck, and tail. GOLD SEX-LINKS

    Red roo(RIR or NH) X Delaware, Columbian patterned(Rocks,Wyandottes, Lt. Sussex), SLWyandotte hens= Red sex-links ( Cinnamon Queens, Cherry Eggers, and some hatcheries just give them a number: brown egglayer####so and so, or may even call these Production Reds) the females from this cross look like the male parent red usually lighter than RIR about the same color as NH, red bodied with Black in tail with maybe some white ticking coming out anywhere in the body feathers. RED SEX-LINKS

    Look at Feathersite under sex-links you'll see some of the comparisons.

    You can look a Ideal hatchery they sell Gold Sex-links, Red Sex-links, and Brown Sex-links there is a difference even though a lot of people call them all Red sex-links or Gold sex-links

    And also look at the URL posted above this is tadkersons sticky on sex links if you have a question PM him he will respond to it, maybe even post it on the thread.

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    I have thought that Indian River was just another and earlier name for the Delaware.

    California White is not a sex-link, as best as I understand, unless there is feather-sexing rather than color-sexing involved. The California Gray already has a lot of Leghorn in its bloodline. The White is just another step down that road. It is probably true that crossing a California Gray to a solid color hen (not dominant white like most Leghorns) would allow for color-sexing of the chicks.

    All of the sex-links in commercial production must now be offspring of strains that are distant from the original breeds. The genetic resources of the major hatcheries are great and closely guarded.

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    I was told by the provider that my golden comets are

    RIR red x RIR white
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