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    Apr 24, 2008
    Shelton Washington
    So, as spring approaches, and we seperate stock for breeding pens we have the following available:

    (3) Black Copper Marans Cockerals

    (3) Blue LAced Red Wyandotee Cockerals

    (3) Araucana Cockerals Mixed Colors

    (5) Welsummer Cockerals

    (Lots) Cuckoo Marans Cockerals from Golden Cuckoo project, mixed coloring.

    (Several) Ameraucana Cockerals Blue / Black some clean faced.

    (2) Splash Silkie Cockerals

    (5) RIR Cockerels

    (1) Barred Rock LF Trio Unknown age.

    (2) Buff Brahma cockerals.

    Just thought we would offer them up to give them a chance. These will all be culls from our flock, so they will not be show quality, some can be good breeders for backyard flocks. Others should be relegated to lawn ornaments.

    Good luck boys!

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