Excess Roo's NW Georgia (Ringgold)

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    Jan 15, 2013
    We have a pretty good size group of excess Roo's. 3 RIR hatched spring of last year. 2 Delaware's hatched in July. One BR Hatched in July. They are very well behaved. They have been temperament handled & to date have never been human aggressive (I have reference contacts from people who have adopted some of our Roosters). These Roo's need their own flock of hens. All of our birds free range and due to the over flow of hormonal males my hens aren't really happy about it lol. These guys have been cooped for about 2 months. [​IMG]


    I have a non bearded silkie white Roo hatched July. He is pet quality and loves to get a good blow dry :) [​IMG]

    We are upgrading our silkie flock because my daughter & I want to show them.
    Then there is Napoleon, Napoleon was hatched last spring. He's a Jerk!!! He flogs everyone for no reason. The only reason I haven't dropped him off on the side of the road is because he really is a good hen guard & he's to small to hurt anyone. He is a porcelain D'uccle.
    I'm asking for an adoption fee of $20.00 (LB) & $10.00 (B) if possible due to feed and the cost of precautionary treatments we always give to our birds before they relocate Napoleon is free and deliverable :) [​IMG]

    **We also (reluctantly) may be able to add 2 Delaware hens with a Roo adoption & 2 RIR hens with a RIR Roo adoption** They were also hatched July and have been surprisingly hearty layers since they started a few weeks ago. I hate to add them in but I know most people want a hen along with the Roo & I have extra hens of both these breeds. PM me if interested
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    Feb 3, 2013
    Hello, We are down in acworth. Looking for a rooster and a couple of hens. I noticed you have roosters but what about hens (Pullets).



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