Excessive poop at rear end- low energy

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    My 4 year old RIR has excessive poop on her rear. I noticed it about three weeks ago so I cleaned her off and removed all the feathers I was able to. I kept on eye on her and it seemed to be resolved; however, Saturday we noticed she was all "gooped" up again (but not picky blockage) so I rewashed her and now she is listless and dragging. I did get her to eat some treats (bread) but her colour is dull and she is just standing in the yard instead of walking around destroying it like they normally do. I have four other chickens who are in perfect health and she has never left my yard. Please help with any advice you may have..... her backside looks like she sat in a pile of poop!

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    There could be any number of things going on. Have you wormed them and checked for lice and mites? Have you checked the crop to be sure it is full at night and empty in the morning? Have you felt her belly to see if an egg is stuck or broken in there? Is she laying?

    That's all I can think of....
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    Quote:These are the things I think of too when a bird had diarrhea and is dragging badly. Most folks worm regularly. You can start with Wazine from the farm store and follow that with valbazen that you may have to order online. Try Jeffers livestock supply. The second one kills all worms that chickens can get. I would also dust her with poultry dust or sevin dust to get any external blood suckers that could be making her weak. Try to get foods down her like scrambled egg or cooked oatmeal or any other favorite treats. You may have to isolate her or the other chickens may pick on her. Good luck. [​IMG]
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    Soooo..... no stuck eggs, no mites and purchased the medicine and food supplement. She seemed perkier yesterday until I picked her up and she vomited brown "juice" all over the place. Needless to say, she is still in isolation and being tempted with all of her favourite stuff. It breaks me heart to see her down and it is worst when she sits at the her gate and stares at the other girls going to bed. Hopefully, we have improvement when I go home today. Thanks for the responses. [​IMG]

    BTW... what exactly did you mean by checking the crop - that is a new one on me?

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