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    Okay, so... a quick bit about me. TLDR City person now terminally in the rural south. Production chickens are one thing. A specialty flock is a whole other business that's new. We recently acquired ayam cemanis, silkies and sizzles and I am absolutely in love. I mean, the easter eggers are sweethearts, they really are. But I'm new to this whole "serious about chickening!" thing and having all of these crazy-out-there chickens is awesome to watch growing up. So here's a few of my new prizes and joys:


    This is Gryphulus, my new silkie. (Before anyone asks, this is a back room of our house we're keeping them in for now, needs new carpet anyway, so why not keep these kidlets super safe). Anyway, I am in LOVE with this beautiful bird. It's beyond classically cute and true to silkie nature, is a cuddle bug.


    I'm really eager to see how it's going to start patterning out. Any ideas from the more experienced?

    Then there's my sizzle, Chipmunk,


    Hard to tell in the lighting, but it's very partridge colored. Hence the name. Similarly wondering if anyone has ideas on how it might turn out.

    The two came together, but we never got to see the parents, so it's kind of a wild shot.

    I'm absolutely in love with the silkie chick. It's just so gorgeous and I'm both sad and ecstatic to watch it lose its poof gradually.

    And then there's the other specialties we got,

    Ayam Cemani. Although I'm a little nervous about its coloration. I'm not sure how dark they're supposed to be at this age. The papers were legit, they're lineaged right from Greenfire, but I'm hoping for the best. Even if they're just a similar morph I can't be too mad. We managed to get 3 for $50, which is preeeetty cheap from my understanding.

    These are the new ones I'm super eager with. I need to get some shots of the new easter egger batch though. There's this one that I'm in love with. The first time he saw me he just about threw himself on me, peeped twice and immediately fell asleep, and that's been his personality ever since.

    So hi! I'm new in the chicken world.
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    Cute chicks, thanks for sharing pictures! Your little EE sounds like a real sweetheart.

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