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  1. 00BlasterResto

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    Apr 15, 2011
    So I will start from the beginning.
    I have 9 chickens total 7 various chickens and 2 EE's, We really like the 2 EE's they act a little wild and seem to have alot of personality. (my girlfreinds is the white one, mine is the other one.)
    So we had never had any issue with the chickens attacking eachother or anything like that (4 chickens are form last spring, 5 from this spring) A few days ago we went out the the coop and found that her beutiful white chicken had goot its beutiful tail ripped out and was bleeding from broken feather......
    My girlfreind almost passed out pulling out the broken feathers. [​IMG] We decided to move her from the big coop and fence and put her into a smaller coop I had built for the 5 while they were smaller. She did not seem stressed by her injuries and did just fine in the little coop, after a few days my girlfreind decided she should not be alne so she moved our other EE into the small coop with her.
    The white one was the only chicken who would not lay in the nesting box, she would escape once a day lay here egg by a big tree near the fence and then go back into the fence and not leave again, (until she needed to lay another egg). She lays a medium light tan colored egg, we had thought forsure that we knew what egg my chicken layed "the smallest darkest brown egg that we get".
    Well today I went out to the coop about mid day to check on them, inside our small EE coup there was what......... A BLUE EGG!!!!!We had really given up the idea of getting a blue/green egg from either of them and thought we just got all brown eggs, we also thought that all of them were laying. Apparently today she layed her first egg. I don't know if she did not want to lay her eggs in the large coop or what, but within 3-4 days of moveing our EE's to their own coop we now have a blue egg. [​IMG]
    We decided that the little coup is plenty big enough for the 2 of them and we can keep it closer to the house, it will also free up a little space for the other 7. So I think they will proably stay where they are at. Pretty surprised We got them on about 3-10-11 her first egg was layed 11-1-11 nearly 8 months old......
    I always like to post pics so here ya go....
    Big coop
    Little Coop
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    Feb 24, 2009
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    Wonderful! Congratulations. I really think your coops are nice too, and what a good idea to put the two EEs in the smaller coop.
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    Oct 12, 2011
    congrats on your blue egg .. [​IMG]

    even though I'm confused why the pictures say 2007 on them.
  4. 00BlasterResto

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    Apr 15, 2011
    Quote:Sorry about that, the date on my camera is wrong. It resets whenever I change the batteries.
    I used some pics off of my computer I had, only the egg pics where actually take today.... date is correct on first pics of the chickens, it was the best pic I had of the 2 of them together.

    Thanks for the compliment on the coups!!!
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    Aug 21, 2011
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    Wonderful! I love seeing the blue eggs in a carton with a bunch of brown ones. I have three EE's and their eggs are all slightly different in color ranging from blue to green.

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