Exciting update about my older injured chicken

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Dwells, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Apr 18, 2013
    So I feel kinda like a dork about this but I am so excited I cant contain it. So I posted a while back about a chicken I got which was older and injured (probably attacked by a rooster or other animal. She was in bad shape and I asked about her age and the possibility of her laying eggs or perhaps she was passed her laying prime.
    I received a lot of great responses and I figured if she was pass her prime then she would just be with my other chickens as my whole family has taken a liking to her.
    So here is the story, I had a terrible problem when I decided to raise a very small flock of chickens as a source of eggs and a destressor as I was hating my job ( a lot). I help feed my uncles chickens and really enjoyed it. So i wanted all one breed, Delewares. I ordered chicks from a local breeder (turned out they just ordered chickens from an out of state breeder) and brought them home at 3 days old. So I ordered four and they only could get three and I went with a Buckeye as the fourth. So as they grew up 2 out of the the Delawares were roos. So I took them to a local farm and the breeder offered me a Silver laced wyandotte and a california white. The family (kids and wife) loved the Wyandotte and as luck would have it turned out to be a roo as well. So my venture is a stress releif was turing out to key me up fore than my old job.
    So this brings us to the new hen. She is was at the farm where I took the Wyandotte and I agreed to take her. When I got her home I notived that she has some real bad wounds to her back and her nails were grossly overgrown. I kept her separate form the other chickens to rehab and after two months it appeared she would not lay eggs anymore due to her age (which is still unknown).
    So her back healed nicely and her feather grew back covering the bald area. Now she is healthy and very active and happy.
    Like I mentioned I got a lot of great advice from this forum about why she might not be laying. Well, today she laid and egg. A nice pale blue and she is still as active as ever.
    Like i said I didnt want to seem like a dork but I am rather proud of myself for bringing the new hen back to the point where she is laying eggs. I have only been rasing chickens sicne May of this year and is a great hobby (with benefits) and the kids are learning about chickens and other animals. I will have to wait and see how many eggs she lay's and how often but for this time a year this is a good sign. I am not sure if she is an easteregger or an amerucucana (how ever it is spelled).
    I attatched a couple photos. Thank you to everyone who responded and offered advice, it has helped greatly and is a reason for this exciting development. The egg is a real light blue and the kids have gone nuts over it.


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    Good for you & your persistence. I hope she continues to lay for a long time to come, Sue

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