Exhibition Pair Brown Chinese Geese

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    Exhibition Pair Brown Chinese Geese


    We are selling a young pair of Exhibition Brown Chinese Geese. These placed Best and Reserve Breed at the 2010 American Poultry Association Arkansas State Meet and at the Arkansas State Fair.

    These were my wife’s but her asthma will not allow her to care for them properly. Our daughter showed these this season, but is switching to something else for next season. I have several breed projects, most listed below in my signature. Just not enough time to do it all.

    The kids call these Terry and Margene, after their grandparents. These are 2010 hatch and should be laying by mid-spring. My 11 year old daughter handles them all the time and they are very gentle. The gander likes to “nibble” at times, but she will catch him and carry him around until he settles down.

    We can deliver to the 2010 APA National in Shawnee. We have already entered these in the show, so if you plan on picking them up at the show, it would be after they are released from the show.

    We will ship if you supply a USPS shipping box and prepay shipping cost estimate.

    They must meet the reserve price.

    We are NPIP 71-621

    Standard weights at maturity are males-10 lbs. and females-8 lbs.

    So we are looking at about 20 or 25#. Using the chart at http://www.usps.com/prices/express-mail-prices.htm and using origin zip code of 71655 anyone can look up the approximate shipping cost.

    A shipping box may be ordered from Cutler Supply for $30.90 and shipped directly to us. Would need two boxes, one for each bird.

    Horizon N.E.S.T. Boxes - XML
    Large 32"x16"x20" Largest box the Post Office will accept for Express Mail. Heavier cardboard. One or two compartments. Weight of birds can't exceed 25lbs. Shipped 50lbs.


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