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    So currently or 6 girls are in a 300sqft 7ft tall, amazingly built ( if I do say so myself), covered run with a coop that sits off the ground 2ft inside the run. Although the coop really doesn't take up floor space since its off the ground it feels tight when I'm in there with my girls, as they like to feed and chase them inside the run. Our chickens do spend a lot if time outside the run free ranging as well.

    My thought is to keep my existing run, remove the old coop and add on to the run building a coop on the outside attached instead, freeing up quite a bit of room inside the run and almost tripling the sqft per chicken inside their new coop. Also adding a couple more nesting box and lots more inside roosting bars. This is what I've drawn up so far. If you have any innovative or creative ideas I'd love to hear them. I spent about two hours admiring 100's on here last night. I'm trying to utilize the interior space as effectively as possible while giving my chickens the most. Also I love in southern Florida so there's no cold weather to worry about, and this coop will be off the ground, built under a Sea Grape Tree, that will shade it quite a bit from our amazing Florida sun. Thanks again, JC ( this weeks chicken Pow ) yes I'm proud, ha ;-)[​IMG]

    This is part of the existing run. The post to the right is the first corner post for the new coop. I can't wait to have all this room inside the coop.

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