Experienced canners, I need advice!


14 Years
Feb 14, 2009
Has anyone here ever made Hot Pepper Mustard? I got a recipe and a load of hot banana peppers from my dad. He loves this stuff and wanted to put up a bunch for winter.

The recipe is handwritten however and gives no particulars on processing other than to hot water bath it. I tried searching the internet, and although I found the recipe in several places, there were no details there either as to how much headspace or how long to process.

So I tried comparing it to similar recipes in my Blue Book (was really surprised that it wasn't in the Blue Book to begin with), and the best I could do was compare it to a butter or relish. I ended up giving it a 1/4" headspace and processed for 10 minutes (although now I think maybe I should have gone for 15 minutes). What concerns me is that some of the mustard bubbled out of the jar during the process. The lids did seal though. I guess the flour in the recipe was the culprit.

Another problem I had with this recipe was that it called for 2tbsp of salt, but the person who passed it down wrote beside it that she didn't add the salt at all. My dad said he didn't want the extra salt. But I know that salt is important to preserving. So that worried me to. I don't want to give my dad these jars and then give him food poisoning!

Has anyone made this before, and if so, how do you do it? Should I toss this first batch out? (It's been a couple days since I made it.) Please advise and put my mind at ease!
Here is one my family likes:
This recipe makes 9 pints.

When a recipe has vinegar in it, that is a preservative like when making pickles.
I bet the salt in your recipe was for the whole batch. Salt in this case is not the preservative, but is included to enhance the flavors.

For head space in most recipes, I leave 1/2 inch unless the recipe notes a lesser measure.

You didn't mention what size jars you used. but if they were pints, your waterbath time was probably sufficient.
After 24 hours, refrigerate and use first the jars that didn't seal.

Wipe off all your jars that are sealed with warm soapy water and rinse. This should take care of your flour pressure flow from the jars.
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Thank you, NanaKat! That was the recipe, less a little sugar. I am glad I did not ruin my dad's peppers then!

He said the same thing as the commentor on the link--you need to make this in quart jars! (Mine were pints). Thanks so much.

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