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Oct 19, 2018
Hello everyone, I am new here and still finding my way around. A kind person suggested that I post in this area. Long story but I hired people to strengthen, insulate and make some modifications to my chicken coop. Paid for materials, relayed what my wishes were, paid for materials and nothing that was requested was done and the second person who said they had 3 decades of experience left me with a mess and poor construction. Frustrating but still have hope that there is someone who is honest, kind, knows how to finish out a coop with a few upgrades and can truly listen to what I would like and is good for chickens, rather than just do their own thing and ask me to pay for what I did not wish. I don't want to keep paying people for poor work, lazy work, not willing to speak on the phone or in person but want to text repeatedly. I could have purchased a pre-made coop for the money I have already paid people. Sad to say but it seems sometimes that it is easier to count on chickens or animals better than people sometimes. I know I will find a wonderful person though because there are still good people out there. Hopefully more so than the other. Perhaps it will be here. My thanks to all of you, and as I have written before, please take good care of your children, animals and nature because they count on us. *Because of loosing 3 chickens and what has happened with trying to build a simple coop, sometimes I feel perhaps I am not meant to have chickens. If I could find a super good home for them where they could live out their lives with good care, good shelter, protection and organic foods/water, it may be that I should do that. Never thought I would ever have chickens but have come to understand that they are amazing creatures and want to give love so much!


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Aug 30, 2017
Poplar Bluff, MO
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My Coop
Put your location in your profile so it's always there.

I can see your ranting a bit and understandable for sure. Visit a local lumber yard and ask for some names of carpenters that are reliable. Why did you lose three chickens?

BTW, insulation is usually a waste of time and money in a chicken coop as proper ventilation negates that. The only exception I can think of is insulation under a tin roof to stop sweating from condensation and radiating heat from a tropical sun.



Oct 18, 2018
I've seen 3 separate posts of you wanting someone to finish your coop for you. Every one says to add your location so people know where you are and you won't do it. Sounds to me like the carpenters and their work aren't the problem?

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