Experienced Roo Advise please. It's a tough call.

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  1. Here's one I sure can use your help on.
    Just a bit of background: We have two EE roos. Trevor #1 and Puff #2. Puff is the larger of the roos and was #1 until he caught a terrrible cold and one eye closed up for about two days. Trevor took advantage of the sit. and became #1 roo. Suprised us since Puff is the more agressive of the two and we thought he'd get back top status as soon as he was up to par. But it hasn't happened. Yet.
    Now - we separated the two roos from the girls for the winter. They were being just too hard on them and being pretty much cooped up for the winter thought we'd give the girls a break. The boys can see the girls through the fence when they are all out and about in half way decent weather and talk to them often [​IMG] so they haven't been completely isolated.

    Here's the deal - We will be putting the boys back with the girls in about another month. I want to breed Trevor, #1 roo, with our 5 EE girls. We thought we'd just put the 5 girls in with him in his and Puff's winter haunts. That would put Puff back in with all the others. After a week or two,(Trevor is a gentleman roo and it may take him awhile to breed with those girls that are not so complacent [​IMG] )once we get the # of eggs we want to set, we want to put everyone back together under one roof.
    Sooooo, Is this going to work out? Will Trevor remain #1? We want him to be "daddy" since he is so sweet tempered. We are hoping for some more sweet tempered EE's. If we hatch out [​IMG] another sweet tempered EE roo we will most likely keep him & rehome Puff. My DH thinks we should let Trevor hang out with the 5EE girls during the day and roost with the rest of the flock and Puff in the eve so that he will have a better chance of remaining #1 roo? Advice? Comments? Waiting with [​IMG] Thank you!!! <>< Barb
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    I am not sure. If you can't keep them seperate all the time then I would move them back together one night. They might keep their own harems.

    Maybe someone else will have a better answer.
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    Just put the roo you want to be daddy with the girls for a few weeks and get all the eggs you want. As for roo #1 vs #2, they have to decide that for themselves. Nothing you can do about it and often it's not fight to who is top, it's who has the biggest ego and sticks it out the longest that gets the top.
  5. Thanks for the input BYC'ers. [​IMG] Thanks Silkiechicken. So with roo's it's not necessarily size and strength but ego that gets #1 spot? As unaggressive as Trevor is I was worried that separating the boys for a time might lose him his spot. He does, somehow, keep that spot right now. Haven't figured it out how he intimidates Puff yet. But he seems to have something going there. Again thanks.
    <>< Barb

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