Experienced Turkey Breeders!! WHAT THE HECK? WHITE, from AUBURNS?


7 Years
Mar 16, 2012
Shreveport, LA

I have an auburn tom and an auburn hen and also a silver auburn hen. I am not sure which of the hens this guy/gal came from, but it does NOT look like it's parents! Hens have not been exposed to any other toms. This poult is about 9 weeks old. Can ANYONE tell me WHY it is WHITE?? It does have some lt. brown marking on the feathers and black around the tips.

Here are the parents..not sure which hen the egg came from...

Here is the poult about 2 weeks old..

And a recent pic at about 9 weeks

And this is what ALL of the other poults look like that we have hatched from this trio (this was at about 1 day old, you can see our lone yellow one! :)

So anyone have any idea where this color came from??

thanks in advance!

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