Experiences with Premier1 PolutryNet and dogs?


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Sep 16, 2010
Long story short...

I didn't believe in Chicken Math but it works just as you all know... The coop for 8 chickens my husband built last year is now too small for the 13 and a rooster I have, plus the ones I'm planning to add in the Spring.

Right now, the old coop is inside a one acre are fenced in with chain link. No neighbor's dogs has ever been able to get in. Now, however, we will be building the new coop outside the fenced in area. The run will be completely covered in 1/4 inch hardware cloth, buried in the ground and with an apron, etc,etc, so my flock will be safe at night. I plan to have the coop and run inside an area fenced in with the electric PoultryNet from Premier1 - http://www.premier1supplies.com/detail.php?prod_id=44094

anybody had any experiences with lose dogs and this fence? will it be enough to keep dogs out, so the flock can free-range inside? I bought 320 ft of netting, so it should be enough for a nice free-range area.

When talking to Premier1, they said the fence would be enough for keeping out coyotes and dogs, but I'd really like to hear from actual BYC people.

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Aug 12, 2010
New Boston, MI
I don't use the poultry net, but I use one from Premier for my sheep to divide my pastures. I can tell you the few times me, my husband, or the dogs touched it, it hurt. The dogs avoid it like any other electric fence. As long as you have a good charger, it will work. Oddly enough the few times the chickens have touched an electric rope while standing on the ground, they don't seem to feel it. Maybe their feathers are good insulators.


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Mar 5, 2011
I use electric poultry netting from Kencove, and I love it. They say it even keeps out bears. I can't imagine that it wouldn't keep out dogs. I have never seen a dog, except for my small guys, go up to it, but my small dogs avoid it like the plauge cause it gets em good. I live in a woods and have never had anything get them while they are in the fence....lost a few free ranging but never while in the electric.

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