Expert Silkie and Golden Campine sexer needed!!! also there are many photos ;)


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Hello and thank you in advance,

I have four back yard birds right now; 1 Black Star Sex-Link, 1 Non-Bearded White Silkie, and 2 Golden Campine.

They are all just over 3 months old (14 weeks or so).

The hatchery where I get chicks will be having it’s last new arrivals June 26th and I would like to be able to get another batch of straight runs if I need to and not have to wait until next spring.

My dilemma is as follows:

The average chicken begins laying eggs 4- 6 months of age, which may not leave enough for me to get new babies.

Also I have fallen in love with 2 breeds that are some of the most difficult to sex, I come to you all for help.

Last week I think I may have heard the end of a crow. But I was not in sight or straight line of sound with my birds.

I did some google research and found that Silkie hens have been known to crow or sometimes have a proto crow.

I am including in my post as many pictures as I can from as many different angles to try to help you see them as best as you can.

* Before each set of photos there are a few details about each chicken.
** The end set of photos is a few group shots for comparison between them.

Pullet or cockerel?


My Non-Bearded White Silkie:

~No real wattles.
~No fun pretty shaped saddle feathers that I can see.
~Fluff ball on top of head not as round as it could be.
~Little bit of a larger walnut comb with a little bit of color to it.
~Little bit of a longer whispy tail.
~Very sweet has always loved to cuddle. But does grumble when first picked up.


My Golden Campine (number 1):

~Very small wattles.
~Greenish, yellowish, grayish feet and legs.
~The Golden Campine that grumbles much less.
~Smaller comb.


My Golden Campine (number 2):

~Little larger small wattles.
~Slate gray feet and legs.
~The Golden Campine that grumbles VERY much. (nick name: Grumbles)
~Little larger comb.


Some group Pictures for size and shape comparison.

Thank you so very very much for all of your wisdom of chicken sexing.

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I hate to say this, but I think that they are all roos
I think the Silky and second Campine are roos. The first Campine might be a girl, but only because it has a smaller and paler comb and thinner legs than the one I think is a roo. I'm not an expert with either breed though so I hope you are able to get some more opinions on these birdies. =)

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