Experts?? Is this egg fertile or am I seeing things?


8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Middle GA
Ok, I SWEAR I thought this was a fertile egg. Since this was laid, I watched with my own eyes the bird I thought was a roo lay an egg!

SO! I know that hens can hold roo gumpies for a couple weeks, so it is very slightly possible that the hen who laid this was exposed to a roo several weeks before this egg was laid for literally about 5 minutes before she (who I thought was a he) tried to kill the roo (confirmed by crowing.) Other than that, there is NO WAY this egg is fertile, and I'm just a dummy. The pen the hens are in is completely enclosed. There are 3 hens in there, and I have watched 2 of them lay before my own eyes. The third I am positive is a hen as well, although we have only been getting two eggs a day out of that pen. I don't know how old the birds are, but they are relatively young. The one who isn't laying is about 5 months I guess. They are all silkies, which I know are notoriously hard to determine sex.



I've compared with other fertile egg pics online and I suppose it isn't as fertile as I thought! Hahaha! I just always thought "bullseye" and totally saw that in these pics. I feel silly....
that looks like the beginning bullseye. . nice yolk color by the way...looks nice and healthy..I have a hen that for a while I thought was a rooster bigger comb..dont plan to breed her , she does lay an egg every day
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See? I thought it was fertile too!!! Maybe my porcelain is really a roo? But I REALLY doubt that.....she has such a pretty ROUND head poof. No streamers whatsoever, and no crowing. This is going to drive me crazy!! Hahahaha!

I did put several eggs in my bator and none started developing......

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