Experts Please Tell Me How Many Roosters!


6 Years
Aug 16, 2013
Low Desert, CA
My buffs are now 8 weeks and I need to know how many more females I need to order because the shipment is coming up for the buffs! How many roos do I have?

They all appear to be pullets.
In my opinion, all of your birds are pullets. I don't see any rooster characteristics, like large red combs, irregular coloring, or high stances.
Okay I will try to get individual pics of the combs up today. 2 of them do have darker reddish coloring and darker combs but they are not RED, just darker, oh and they are bigger.
YAY!!!!! Thanks guys! I do plan on getting a buff roo but geez it will be so much easier to get a roo than trying to pick out more females and hoping they are females!!!!! I will post in 4 more weeks to have a for sure decision but I am very excited that my flock is ready!

Thank you!

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