Exposed flesh after prolapse

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    Jan 22, 2010
    I noticed one of my hens equating in distress. She had a prolapse. I separated her from the flock, reinserted the prolapse, placed her in a crate with feed and water, and placed it in the basement. Checked on her the next day and and the area next to her vent was raw and the flesh is exposed. It's over toward her leg and away from her vent. She has been in the crate for 4 days now and eats and acts ok. The wound is drying and not bleeding. I'm considering letting her outside tomorrow. I have a separate area I can put her in away from the flock. I've searched here and others have had hens with exposed flesh that healed. Is this a good idea and is she going to heal or is it time to put her down? She's 6 years old.
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