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    Coming home from work today I came up on my Wyandotte perched all ruffled feathered and looking like she was trying to have a bowel movement. There was some loose stool under her not looking real fresh but I am fairly new to this chicken mommaing and was concerned when I saw what I thought was her vent sticking out. My phone is only a so so camera so bare with me on the photo. If you could increase the size of the pic you might see it better. It didn't take very long until she was running around looking normal again. Should this be anything to worry about? I don't know if she is laying or not. I have twelve hens. All don't lay everyday. I thank you for any responses in advance.
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    She has probably suffered a mild prolapsed vent while sraining, either to lay an egg or poop. Has all of the red tissue gone back inside? If not, she needs to be isolated away from other chickens so they don't peck the red. Keep any red tissue moist with honey or hemorrhoid ointment, and try to push it back inside. I had a couple of hens who would mildly prolase with straining, but the tissue would go back in on it's own--unless I held them when they would strain and it would pop back out. If there is no prolapse seen, then just keep an eye on her. Make sure that she has plenty of crushed oyster shell and fetting layer feed.
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    Thanks for your thoughts. Afterwards I thought that I was just panicking.i will check her again this am and do as you say

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