Extension Cords Burn Down Coops!

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    Extension cords don't burn down coops: people who overload them, or the outlet they originate from, do.

    Be sure to check the rating on your extension cord!!!! Cords are made with different insulation materials, wire material, wire gauge/ thickness, and also length.

    *** Length decreases cord capacity, multiple cords in series can be VERY VERY dangerous***

    Consider the following:

    If you attach 3 150-Watt lights, 1200-watt stock tank (water) heater to a standard 25' extension cord... You may be readying to burn down the coop. Especially if your coop is 60' from your outlet and requires 3 25ft extension cords in series!!!!!!!

    Be very careful with electricity!

    Read the tag on you extension cord to see the MAX you can run through it AND do not use multiple extension cords.

    Do not try to be ChevyChase from NationLampoon'sChristmasVacation, you don't need 400 outlets, wires, and surge protectors to heat your coop. Otherwise it may end up like the cat! (Movie references)

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    Love this! excellent points. I have always used an extension cord for the waterer in my coop without issue. That said the only think it powers is the waterer. I dont have lights or heat out there. Though sometimes the thought is tempting...
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    I put a GFCI outlet on its own breaker in the garage and run a single heavy duty extension cord to a Surge protector strip with:

    1 200Watt red heat lamp (24hrs/day)
    2 150Watt white flood lamps (16hrs/day)
    1 250Watt heat puck for water (Winter only)

    Total 600Watts drawing little amperage through the Single (not multiple cords in series) 50ft extension cord.

    Safe, per my specified maximums and allowances.
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    "I would suggest having a safety chain on your lights just for security and added protection."
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    What are you heating and lighting, an airplane hanger? My electric draw...............ONE 40W bulb.
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