External Nest Boxes in a Door?

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    Hi everyone. I am getting ready to start my new coop build. We are using the corner where our shed and carport walls meet as two of the coop walls, so the coop is going to be 5' x 6', which is not as large as I wanted. Since we are making a totally covered run, they will never have to stay in their coop, so I think it will work.

    As a space saving measure we have decided on external nest boxes. However, since we are only going to have two walls to put doors in, I would like to have large doors in both of these walls. I am wondering if it is feasible to install external nest boxes into a door that will open?

    The nest boxes will be on the wall that is under the covered run so there will be no worrying about leaking and so forth. The other wall of the coop will have two doors with two windows that open and close to the outside of the run/coop.

    Has anyone else done this? I am assuming the door will have to be substantial to hold the weight of 4 nest boxes. Does anyone see any problems with doing this? I want it to open for coop cleaning purposes and for extra night time ventilation in the summer. By having two sides that open up, I should be able to reach the whole thing easily for cleaning and the girls should have lots of cool, fresh air on summer nights.

    I have been trying to get a new coop since 2011 and we have gone through 4 different locations and plans. This has got to happen this year even if I have to hire someone to build it. I appreciate any thoughts you have on this or pictures if you have done it yourself! Thanks.

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