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  1. Hello y'all. :D I know this is really odd... but I have a chicken that refuses to dustbath... She has space (free range), lots of good food and appears very happy, contented and healthy otherwise... However, I have to giver baths about every week to keep lice/mites under control. :p
    She seems to lack some normal chicken instincts on hygiene... :hmm
    Any suggestions on what would work best for the issue? :) I would prefer a non-toxic and/or natural solution but that isn't always the most effective option for some issues... :p Especially one so unusual.

    I am trying to find something by fall... :cool: Definitely before winter sets in... and it gets below freezing outside. That would make it a lot more difficult to keep her clean.:th

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    You could try supplementing with garlic. Fresh garlic finely chopped and offered free choice (not mixed into anything or you'll have garlic tasting eggs). It will apparently slowly build up in her flesh making her less tasty to parasites due to the sulphur content. I've also used Vetafarm Insect Liquidator which is a spray that protects against external parasites including red mite for up to 6 weeks. Its safe to use on newly hatched finch chicks (if necessary) so very safe to use on birds.

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