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    May 18, 2009
    Maria is about 5 or so years old. She is a Black Copper Marans/Light Brahma mix. She has always had a large posterior to the point where she couldn't expel her poop past it and I had to bathe her several times a week to get the poop off. Over the last 2 or 3 months, though, I have watched her rear get bigger and bigger to the point I thought she was going to pop! Finally, after researching here on BYC (love this place), I decided I knew enough to drain it. All I had was a very small syringe, but I figured it was worth a try.

    She's in the far upper right - you can see from the side view that she's swollen.

    I filled the sink with Betadine and warm water and popped her in. After a bit of a soak, I put her on the counter. Hubby held her while I inserted the needle into the "bag." It immediately filled with clear fluid. I emptied it and "poked" her again ... and again ... and again. Each time I got a syringe full. She didn't seem to be bothered and just stood there quietly, thank goodness! I probably aspirated 30 syringes full. Remember, these are small syringes - only 3 cc. I put her back in the sink and washed her again. Fluid was coming out of the many pricks - my poor little pin cushion!

    I will be going to Tractor Supply today to get a bigger needle. She is still hugely swollen but I wasn't getting any more fluid out. It was dripping out of the many holes I made, though. Hopefully she feels a little better and I relieved some pressure. The bag is certainly a lot softer than it was since it is not quite as full.

    I wish I had taken pictures of before the first drainage, but here are a couple of "afters."

    Another side view - this is after draining probably 100 cc of fluid.

    Another "after" picture. You can see how badly swollen she still is. Hopefully this will shrink a little since I drained so much fluid.

    I will attempt to drain more later, after getting a larger needle and syringe, and will post more pictures. By the say, although the dark "stuff" on her feathers is from dried poop, the dark line you see in the center is a scab. There is more underneath the bag. I don't know if it is from dragging or from the skin tearing because of being so stretched. I really should have done this months ago, but I wasn't sure what to do. Hopefully she will make a full recovery.

    Hopefully this will help others with the same problem - or if any of you have experience, you can help me!

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