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    I have 6 very lovely Isa Brown hens, who are about 6 months old. One of our girls has been laying a very large egg every so often, with a double yolk - beautiful. Then, occasionally, she produces a very very large egg - 98g, but today a whopping 117g.
    Has anyone else heard of this sized egg?
    This whopping egg also had a deformed, but hard shell. Should I be trying to see which girl it is and provide her with extra care/vet attention?
    Our grils are fed on an Isa Brown layer mix and kitchen/vege garden scraps.

    Thanks for your replies
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    Double yolkers will sometimes have ridges and look deformed because they are hard to squeeze out. There really isn't anything you can do, double yolkers are common in new layers. They should grow out of making double yolkers as their bodies adjust to laying.

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