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    Oct 29, 2010
    I have 5 hens and am getting 3-4 eggs a day more than enough for our needs. This is with natural lighting of approx 10-11 hours a day.

    I could add an extra few hours of lighting in the morning, and up the number of eggs, but, would this mean my hens would stop laying at a younger age?
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    Most likely. They're born with X amount of eggs (egg cells I suppose). I don't supplement light in the hopes that it'll stretch out their egg laying years. Mine are pets, so will be here for life either way. But it's fun to get eggs from them, so I want that to last as long as possible. As they age, even if they're still laying, they won't lay as often, and will take longer "breaks" during molting and such, just so you know... I've read of 7 and 8 yr. olds still laying, but only an egg a week. Other oldies may just lay for a few weeks in the spring and then no more for the year...
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    There is very little data on this subject, of which I'm aware. Speculation abounds but the firmer studies by an independent Ag School? I'd sure like to see a link to something which would provide guidance on this matter.

    I'm just not sure we know what we need to know to make informed decisions on this.
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    Quote:How old are your hens and what breeds? If they are in their first year of laying, they may not slow or stop this winter, depending if they are a laying breed.

    If you add light it probably won't up the number of eggs, if you are getting 4 per day now. If you lean towards 3 per day it might up it a little.

    I believe that the theory that it is more now means less later is an old wives tale. Chickens are hatched with tens of thousands of potential eggs in their ovaries. Many, many more than they will ever lay & I have never had one stop laying early, and I supplement light.

    Good luck,

  5. Auscal

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    Oct 29, 2010
    Thanks for the prompt responses.

    My chickens are young, only about 8 months - 2 delawares, 2 RIR/Delaware & 1 BR.

    I think I will not bother with extra light this year, but, will plan to add some next year - since I will be dealing with olde birds, and probably moult too.

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