Extra treats in the feed

Glaze farms

7 Years
Oct 17, 2012
On my first time purchase of Dumor chick starter from my local TSC, when I opened the bag it was full of what we call weevils in south Alabama. Has anyone else had a problem with this brand ?
i've never seen that before. I know my cousin bought some Dumor from TSC and found pieces of shredded cardboard in it. I don't like dumor because i personally think it makes their droppings smell a lot worse than purina feed. Take the dumor back and exchange it for some purina flock raiser. Thats what i use and it works great for me.
. I would take that particular bag back because it does not sound safe for consumption.
Thanks,i normally use nutrena brand feeds for all my other live stock. I'm headed back to TSC , today lol bugs and all.

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