Extreme Bumblefoot- questions

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    Hi~ My sweet leghorn has very bad Bumblefoot. We've been seeing a vet regularily and as advised we take it day by day. She takes antibotics, and we soak and wrap every day. Unfortunately, the infection is furious and keeps relocating to different parts of her foot (after the vet has gone in and removed from one area). All her toes are black and are rotting off. I mercifully will not post pictures of her foot- poor poor thing. Despite all, she gets around, eats well, lays eggs and her color is good.
    My question is- Sometimes I get the feeling that the blackened toes will drop off and regrow~ Much like when we stub a toe and the nail goes black from coagulated blood, falls off, and regrows. Has this happened to anyone's chicken? Do the toes/toe nails grow back?
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    No the toes will not grow back. You should be using some form of Penicillin injected into the muscle and I would use about 1cc on each side of the breast for about three days.
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    Type in "tricide neo" in the search box. It clears up bumblefoot over time without the surgeries.
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    Quote:I have used it for a few days and seen improvement. Good luck.

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