Extreme Frizzle? Gender?


6 Years
Feb 10, 2013
Waco, TX
A few weeks ago I picked up two Frizzled Cochins from our local TSC. I was doing some research on why one of them has really skinny feathers and the other has regular flat (but still curled) feathers and came across the term Frazzle or Extreme Frizzle, which would be a frizzle with a double dose of the frizzle gene.

Any idea if the red one is an extreme frizzle?

Also any guesses on gender?

Oh wow, at TSC?? I'm new to this but if you decide to sell either please let me know! I'm in Dallas and would pick those cuties up... No one around here has any and I'm scared to mail order...but best of luck to you.
kallyroberts I was just as surprised as you! We went to get an incubator and peered into the chick bins and saw these two with a little bit of curling on their wings and we snatched them up. There were a couple more too. I wish I would have gotten them too.
It was my understanding that a homozygous frizzle (aka extreme frizzle or frazzle) is a lethal gene combination and the eggs don't hatch?
I thought it meant that the feathers are quite brittle and they break off. The birds don't die due to the feathers breaking off but obviously they would be more exposed to the elements and at greater risk of death from exposure. As for the OP's chick I am not sure if it's an extreme frizzle or regular frizzle.
I've had frizzle cochins, and yes, the red one probably does have the double frizzle gene. It's not a big deal, he will just grow up ugly. LOL!

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