Extreme heat and Easter Eggers


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My Easter Egger seems to be the first to start panting and she pants the most. She has a big 'beard' and muff. Is it like a human wearing a heavy scarf and keeping her warmer than the others? He comb also, is very small.

I have heard of people trimming the fluffy butt feathers on their hen's bums to help keep them cleaner...... Has anyone ever, or does anyone know of any trimming of the Easter Eggers extra neck and face feathers? I know it would mar her beauty... However, if it would help her stand the heat, I guess I would take that hit. Yesterday's temperature by the run was 100-degrees already.

Any insights?


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Jan 12, 2012
Keep shade and water available, #1 thing you need most!

You can clip her muffs, she'll look a little awkward, but if it's getting really hot where you are, it might be best to trim them with some medical scissors. I have seen Ameraucanas at poultry shows with muffs and all in 90 degree weather. Stick to water and shade, but if it she looks very over heated you should trim the muffs.

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