Extreme makeover home eddition on abc (chicken coop)


Jul 26, 2008
Bagdad KY
Hello friends, I am watching some TV now and I just saw the new chicken coop they have build for the Huber Family, go check it out they might put it back.
I must not have that channel......
No I did not see that coop, but I am taking your word for it and going to try tp rent this movie.
I am going to ABC.com to see if it is up there yet. I watch almost everything on the computer now.

Edit: I just went and looked and the whole episode is not up just yet but usually by the next day it is. They have it listed so some of you might want to keep a watch on it for when they put up the entire episode.

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I saw the picture of what the old one looked like. Not too bad, but I bet the new one is kick butt!!

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