Extreme swelling on ducks foot!!


5 Years
Jul 21, 2014
Hey everyone. I have been dealing with this for a few weeks and I feel like it is getting worse. My jumbo Pekin has a lot of swelling on top of this foot/leg and was wondering what to do! I feel like it’s turning green now! So take a look and see what you think. It’s definitly not bumble foot.


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That does not look good probably bumble foot or maybe a brake? what does the bottom of the foot look like can you post a pic? what have you been doing so far ? and is a vet feasible?
Nothing on the bottom of the foot. I was just trying soaking in the bathtub and objecting antibiotics. I thought it may be an infection so I tried piercing it to see if pus or something would come out but nothing but blood. Kind of regret doing that. I do have a vet that I bring my ducks to but since the holiday I do dont think there will be openings.
Could be some kind of infection which a vet can prescribe the right antibiotic for so why not keep soaking and let her rest over the weekend Are you soaking in Epsom salt water? also poultry pus is thickand cheesy not runny so no pus is going to run out.
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