EXTREMELY Disappointed in shipped eggs.....HEAVY PICS

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  1. So I ordered 12 eggs off eBay. The guy had decent feedback....I paid a few bucks a piece for the eggs and $14 for shipping.

    I sent him the PayPal last Friday and waited...and waited...I emailed him and asked about the eggs. No repsonse.

    So I get home last night & the eggs were on my back porch. Immediately, I saw that something was wrong. They were encased in plastic wrap with this sticker on top:
    Then I noticed the SMELL and the leaking eggs! [​IMG]
    I saw the box wasn't even in a shape anymore. It was soggy with rotten egg mess & had completely fell apart!
    Then I noticed the box said $7 on it and I paid $14. [​IMG]
    So I opened the box and almost hurled because it was SO freakin' stinky! [​IMG]
    In the box, was a few (like two or three sheets of paper & a piece of bubble wrap. The eggs were in an egg carton and EVERY egg was SMASHED, CRACKED and/or LEAKING everywhere!
    And the KICKER---I just won this auction last Thursday and I paid him with PayPal on Friday...and the eggs were all marked 4/5! WTH? [​IMG]
    I e-mailed the dude this morning, sent him a link to my photos and I haven't heard back from him, yet...I asked for my shipping money back and we'd call it even. I don't want to deal with him again. Sighs. You can see the 4/5 written in pencil on some of the eggs in this pic...

    Edited to say, I hope he doesn't try to say "oh well" about the shipping....this is NO way to package eggs! AND even if they weren't smashed, I'd expect FRESH eggs--or at least eggs that aren't a MONTH OLD!
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  2. Sorry about your eggs. That means the eggs you got were a month old. First of all any seller who just sticks the eggs in the carton and doesnt wrap the eggs individually with bubblewrap doesnt know what their doing. Eggs need to be individually wrapped with bubble wrap.
  3. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    oh gosh that is just horrible. I am so sorry. It's bad enough the PO destroyed them ( his packing looked lame at best ) but for the eggs to be a month old is unacceptable.

    What was his ebay name so we can make sure not to buy from him?
  4. Yeah, I mean--they were just sitting in a carton....no bubble wrap, nothin! (Other than the ONE, SINGLE sheet that was thrown on top of the carton for decoration? [​IMG]
  5. I'll PM you his eBay name...
  6. Corey NC

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    Mar 28, 2007
    North Carolina
    Are you sure it wasn't suppose to stand for the the 4th of May? That was Sunday....

    I just don't see why anyone would keep eggs hanging around that long.

    btw: did you get anything out of my swap eggs?
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  7. Maybe? But they sure SMELLED TO HIGH HEAVEN! I'm not sure that eggs which were just three days old would smell like that...these were like stink bomb eggs!

    Well, it looks like all 5 of them have something in them...they are in the "hatching" bator with the higher humidity...I can't remember which day I figured they were due....but I think it's soon!
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    Apr 26, 2008
    ouch! I got my eggs off ebay yesterday. Only one of the 30 she had packed was broken. I was very happy with them. They are rare breeds:) I was worried about buying off of ebay but I had a good experience. Sorry you had a bad experience. I hope I don't order from that guy some day. I would be SO FREAKING MAD.
  9. nutmeggie

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    I have never had to package and ship eggs before but I am pretty sure you would have to wrap them a HECK of a lot better then one sheet of bubble wrap. That does not sound like a good seller. I can see if they were shipped well, charging the extra shipping (for box, bubble wrap, etc. on top of the shipping charge). But that wrapping job is unexcusable. I know nothing about shipping eggs but I can tell that! Sorry you didn't get the eggs you were wanting. [​IMG]
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    Mar 20, 2008
    Quote:I got eggs shipped to me once that were in a carton. But the carton was completly wrapped (a couple times around) with bubble wrap. Actually they are in my incubator right now.

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