Extremely uncaring sister...her dog kills my chicken and its my faul

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    Dec 2, 2008
    i come home from work today and im talking with my mom and then my sister comes home. And when she does she lets in her 3 month old puppy. My mom then looks at me and tells me that "the dogs" killed one of my chickens (Roger wont touch the birds, Bella is Chained up, Luke is chained up and the only other dog is Koda)...They pretty much tell me its my fault because i let my chickens free range during the day and i should lock them up...my mom then blames Roger, my amazing dog who LOVES chickens and loves being around them, for killing my chicken, saying that he didnt KNOW it was MY chicken....thats a butch of bull...i have brought in many different new birds and Roger dosnt even care...I say it was Koda and my little sister even chimes in to say she saw Koda playing with the chicken (after it was already killed) but my older sister says "no it wasnt...shes just a baby...she probably got it after it was dead". Then she says i shouldnt be letting them free range at all and its my fault! I have been free ranging my birds for the past 2 years and its only a big deal now because my older sister wont pen/chain up the stupid dog...and after all this was said she didnt even say "hey im sorry my dog killed your chicken"...oh no its all my fault when she also agrees it was Koda...and it was all my fault when her other dog (sophie) killed my FAv chicken (a few months ago)...she put sophie in his pen and she killed him....and even then she blamed me for the chickens death saying i shouldnt have had him in that pen...i made the pen, the pen was connected to my coop, and my chicken had always been in it...i dont know how it was my fault that she put her dog in my chickens pen...and she didnt say sorry then and she didnt say sorry now...im seriously sad and angry...

    I let my birds free range because of Roger...hes the guard dog for them...and thats the only reason i let them free range...if it wasnt for him i wouldnt...but this is not about letting birds free range...this is about how my sister has had dogs kill my chickens and then not even care enough to say sorry, but instead blame me for their deaths...and then she expects me to change how i do things with my birds when they have been here for 2 years free ranging....
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
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    Hey sis, [​IMG]
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    just what i wanna do to my sister [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ROUND HOUSE KICK! lol
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    Well, until you can resolve the issue with your sister, doesn't sound like free ranging your girls is an option..
    Her dog may even start to try and get your birds
    in your coop..
    Yep, its tough sometimes to live with family and do your thing without conflict.I hope you can work this out with her. You may have to put off free ranging until you have your own place that is safer for your girls...good luck....
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    It's unfair, but sometimes you just have to do the best you can to get through it, until you can get out and get a place of your own. [​IMG]
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    Dec 18, 2008
    With your mom on your sister's side, I'm afraid about the only thing you can do is live with it. You can try and make a deal with your sis, like you can free range in the morning or afternoon and her dogs are put up at that time. If that doesn't work you're stuck with penning or losing your chickens [​IMG]. Since she has shown that she will put her dogs in your chickens pen (?!?!) you should padlock it and keep the only key/keys on you at all times.
    Good luck

    ETA: could there be some anger from your sister towards the birds? For example she feels it's unfair that your birds can free range in your backyard, but her dogs have to be on leash because of the birds? Your sister may have been trying to be a good sister by not complaining, but it's causing her unknown hatred for the birds. I have done this before, not with animals but with siblings and what they do. She may not even realize what's causing the stress. Try talking to her about it, maybe you two can find an arrangment and have an open line of communication the next time something like this happens (you may also try offering to help her teach the pup to leave the birds alone).
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    Feb 12, 2010
    I'm so sorry about your chickens death.
    I can't free range my chickens either because I have a neighbor with a pit bull that is un chained. The dog has been over to my place trying to get into my chicken coop more then once. He is a horrible dog and even has tried to attack people. Sometimes being an adult you still have to deal with stuff like this. I'm sorry you have to experience it at home though.
    We have 2 runs for the chickens 900 square feet and 500 square feet for the blrw.
    I wish I could free range but since I can't we made extra large runs. Is there any way you can make large runs for them? Then when you mow the lawn you can throw in the lawn clippings. That's what we do...
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    Why did your sister put her dog in your chicken pen? Why would she have a 3 month old puppy outside unsupervised? What if the puppy got into something that could have harmed it would she turn around and blame you. Sometimes family can be a pain in the neck.
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    I'm so sorry; that's such a terrible thing. It sounds like your family doesn't understand that your chickens are part of your personal family as well. It must be very frustrating not be able to protect them or be comforted by your family when morning the loss. It does sound like free ranging isn't an option while you're living with your family. Is there a way to get a large pen or protected run area for them to be safe from the dogs?

    I was just reading your webpage on here. That's wonderful that you live on a large property with your family. I'm wondering if you are able to talk to whoever in your family tends to the acreage and see if it would be possible to put up a chicken wire fence in an aread that would be safe from dogs. If your sister is not going to confine the pup are you able to confine your chickens while still letting them out in the part of the yard? I know the ideal solution would involve your sister admitting some responsibility and your family consoling you for your loss. Its frustrating when those supportive parts aren't part of the solution. I hope that you can at least find a practical solution that will keep your birds safe.

    Good luck!!
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