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    Nov 8, 2015
    I was hoping someone could help us out. Two to three months ago we bought three chicks from a feed store. Two Silkie Bantams and One Barred Plymouth Rock (Dorthy). We now have a flock of six since last month, month and a half ago. Lately Dorthy keeps seeming odder and odder, she also sits in the feed dish and just eats all the time; however, when you pick her up she is virtually weightless. All the other birds are bigger then her, Dorthys' feathers look healthy and full. Where we got the three told us they gave them a shot for viruses. Poor Dorthy I noticed keeps her mouth open but then goes back to eating. Someone please help me figure out what's going on. My boyfriend adores her and we couldn't bare to lose her. She was a healthy chick and lively but not just sits around. Thank You so much!
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    Have you watched to make sure she is really eating a drinking, and not just staying near the feed dish because she wants to eat, but can't? If she is 3 months old, she still could be able to get coccidiosis from the soil. Symptoms are acting lethargic or sleepy, weakness, standing hunched or puffed up, not eating, and diarrhea or blood in droppings. Corid in the water is the best treatment. Can she stand and walk normally? How does her crop feel? Most feed stores do not vaccinate their chicks normally because of the extra cost. Mareks disease is a common virus to vaccinate for, and it can cause wasting, as well as a reluctance or inability to walk. Hopefully one of the new chickens didn't bring something into the flock.

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