eye discharge normal?

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    I have a hen that has been here(hatched here) for 2 years. I haven't added any new birds except for the chicks I bought(from breeders) which are still inside. Twice I have noticed this girl looks like she has something in her eye, looks white, won't let me catch her to get a better look. It looks like the junk your eye would make when you get something in your eye. Do chickens eyes have the same mechanism as ours? They were treated for mites a few weeks ago. She is short legged and looks similarly built to a dark cornish(but fluffier). Is it just her inability to rub her eyes after dust bathing unlike the other girls? I have checked over some of the other girls and no one has any issues, clear nostrils etc. I have gotten close enough to listen to her breathing and she is fine [​IMG] . Is this stuff in her eye normal?

    eta- she was attacked by a coyote last fall and had a hole in her back but healed up fine, probably has nothing to do with this but only other thing that happened to her and not to the other girls
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    Quote:Junk in th eye normally indicates infection in the body.

    You can use triple antibiotic ( NO PAIN KILLER - - Just plain trip antibiotic) in the eyes. Just use cotton swabs to apply it directly above or below the eye and let her blink it in.

    CHECK for scabs on the wattles or combs. .. Scabs on the combs and wattles indicate that the infection in the body is FOWL POX.
    Treatment for this involves putting her on an antibiotic for respiratory infection and eye ointment for 14 days or until the scabs are healed.
    Every one in the cage with her has been exposed and I would put them on the antibiotic too. Treat the other birds with eye ointment only if they show signs of infection.
    Use a NEW Swab for each bird . .. . Treat with eye ointment twice a day.
    If it is Fowl Pox, it has to run its course - - the antibiotics are for secondary infections that occur while the fowl pox weakens the birds immunity.

    DON'T expose the new birds to this girl until you know that the issue has been resolved. If you don't see scabs on the wattles / combs, it could be something else. There are many things that effect a bird and junk in the eyes is just a sign that there is something wrong.

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