Eye discharge, sneezing, losing feathers

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    Im still fairly new to chickens. I have 8 at the moment. My leghorn started losing her feathers about a week ago and I assumed she was molting (inconvenient as that would be right now since Im in upstate ny and its been brutally cold). I've noticed for the past few days that she has some sort of film or discharge over her left eye. It almost looks like little soap bubbles or something. She's usually quite friendly and allows me to pick her up but she was freakin out a bit last night and today when I picked her up to get a closer look. Today she sounds like she might be sneezing or something, too. I went to check on them last night and noticed she's sleeping in a nesting box (the coldest one.....) instead of roosting with the rest.  Any thoughts?I want to help my poor little lady!

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    She has eye bubbles and with the sneezing, they can be signs of a respiratory disease such as infectious bronchitis or IB or mycoplasma galisepticum or MG (CRD). Some of these disease are viruses, some can be molds or fungal (aspergillosis,) and some are mycoplasmas or bacterial. The bacterial and mycoplasmal diseases will respond to antibiotics such as Tylan, erythromycin, and oxytetracycline. Keep her warm because they tend to chill during illness. Here is a list of common diseases with symptoms, and treatments for your reading: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
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