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Jun 28, 2019
One of my silver Wyandotte’s keeps getting a “crusty deposit on her right eye. It causes the eye to stay closed,it has happened numerous times and sometimes we catch her and clean it using a cotton wool pad and warm water. Obviously this is not ideal as she gets very distressed and needless to say will not keep still to allow us to help her. Sometimes she manages to scratch it off herself but is there anything we can do to prevent this re occurring or is it a trip to the vet’s? Any help appreciated.
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She needs an antibiotic eye ointment for an eye infection. You can use Neosporin directly in the eye or buy Terramycin over the counter which most feed stores carry.

I understand some chicken patients can be very uncooperative and are very ungrateful to you for trying to help them. I have a couple of those in my flock. But you need to be firm, wrap her up in a towel to subdue her, and flush her eye each morning with saline, then put the ointment in twice a day until it heals.
Are you in a country where you can buy antibiotic ointment over the counter? Plain Neosporin, Triple Antibiotic, Polysporin are good. Erythromycin or Oxytetracycline ointment as in the Terramycin is good. Eye drops such as ciprofloxacin are very good. You may need to consult a vet if you cannot get those locally. Saline or eye wash is fine to use to clean out the eye.
Can these be bought in the UK?

EDIT, no they aren’t available in UK.
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Yes, that looks to be safe for animals, and is the same as a US brand Vetericyn eye wash that is used with chickens. Sometimes eye drainage and crust are due to a bacterial respiratory disease, mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG.) If you notice other respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, head shaking, swelling around the eye or face, then contact you vet for oral antibiotics.

If you approach the chicken on the roost after dark and early morning before daylight, you can handle them more easily to give eye drops or other meds.
RenaSan is nothing more than supercharged saline solution. While it is good for flushing the eye, it's no good for treating a bacterial eye infection.

Look for any topical ointment containing either or both bacitracin, neomycin.

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