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    When we bought 6 baby chicks last year, one had an issue with one of her eyes. We treated it with antibiotics and it seemed to be fine, but then it happened to another one and we treated that. Her eye never cleared fully and we noticed that she is blind in that eye. It looks like scar tissue is covering her eye. She gets around fine, but she doesn't hang out with the others. I feed her separate from the others because she doesn't like anything on her blind side and runs off from the frenzy of them all pushing to get to the food. Also she doesn't sleep inside with the others. She sleeps in the outside roost. My question, is there some kind of treatment that I can do to remove the scar tissue and maybe she can see?
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    The scar tissue could possibly have been caused by an injury. Or there mightve been debris in the eye and the chick scratched her eye due to irritation, or she couldve been pecked in the eye by another chick or older bird. Scarring is part of the healing process. Even if there's the possibility of loss of vision, chickens can survive with only one eye. Trying to remove scar tissue can cause more or worse damage. I wouldnt mess with it.
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