Eye infection affect egg safety?

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    Sep 6, 2014
    this is actually about one of my ducks, but she had some sort of eye infection a few days back, I separated her and rinsed her eye with saline solution a few times a day and it looks almost better now, but the eggs she has layed during that time, are they okay to eat or should I toss them?
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    I prefer to toss any and all eggs from a sick bird just to be safe; I definitely wouldn't try to hatch from it.

    Also...I'd be sure it truly was an isolated eye infection and not the sign of systemic disease. Some diseases produce swollen tissue around the eyes.

    While most bird diseases are not transmissible to humans, it also means the bird's immune system has taken a hit and bacterial overgrowth is possible in the egg tract...and things like pasturella, salmonella, and e-Coli are transmissible.

    But that's my preference.

    Lady of McCamley
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